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Councillor Jeremy Moulton, Southampton Conservatives Group Leader

Dear Neighbours

A personal message from Conservative Group Leader, Councillor Jeremy Moulton.

In this manifesto for Southampton’s local elections we, as local Conservatives, set out our plan for a better Southampton.

We want to see Southampton as a successful city that we are all proud to live and work in. A growing city is key to providing the jobs, housing and crucially the funding we need to provide excellent local services.

More businesses and homes mean more business rates and council tax; which in turn means we can afford to provide important city services like supporting vulnerable adults, the elderly and children in care. New homes also attract a government grant called the New Homes Bonus and a recent deal with the government means that we now keep 100% of growth in business rates, bringing in an extra £3M this year.

But we will only have a successful city where people want to live, work, shop and study if we make it an attractive place. This means fixing the roads, keeping the streets clean and collecting the bins regularlyall the basic things Southampton Labour aren’t delivering locally for us!

Labour have allowed the city to become tired and dirty. We will change this and restore the pride in Southampton. We will focus on getting the basics right and ensure that we are a caring city. A Conservative council will ALWAYS put our most vulnerable first!

We will support aspiration; ensuring that we have the best local schools and helping everyone to own their own home.

We will implement radical new housing policies in the city, giving good council tenants an equity stake in their council home, supporting the Right to Buy and using the proceeds to build the long overdue new homes our city desperately needs.

We’d be delighted to hear your thoughts. If you share and support our desire for a better Southampton: Vote Conservative this May!

Don't forget to Vote Conservative on Thursday 3rd May

Where is the pride

Southampton is a fantastic place to live and work, yet this is undermined by the condition of our streets, green spaces, local high streets and our City Centre.
We should have a city we are proud of, so Conservatives will reverse the decline we have all witnessed under Labour.

We Will Restore Weekly Bin Collections

Steven Galton working as a refuse collector emptying your bins

Labour ignored overwhelming public opinion and cut weekly collections. They are now threatening to fine us all for their failures! We would restore our weekly collections and look to increase what we can recycle kerbside, making it easier for us all to recycle.

A litter strewn street in Southampton
Cracked pavement outside West Quay Southampton

Smartening-up Our Public Realm

Vote for better high streets, open spaces and car parks that are safe, clean spaces.

A smart city attracts visitors and is the pleasant place to live and work we deserve.

Your vote for us will ensure the basics such as cutting the grass, cleaning information plaques and replacing broken benches will get done.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Parking meter in Southampton Car Park

Abolishing Labour’s Evening Parking Charges

Labour have hiked parking charges despite their promises not to, hitting many of our local independent businesses.

We will stop Labour’s attack on motorists and local businesses.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Increasing what can be recycled kerbside in Southampton

Cleaning Up Our Streets & Improving Recycling

We have a plan to clean up our streets, this includes restoring weekly bin collections and making increased plastic recycling a top priority.

If you need a larger bin we will give you one. If you have side waste, a Conservative council will take this.

Labour have forgotten you are the customer; they seem happy to charge you more and give you less…

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Millbrook estate in Southampton

Providing The High Quality Estates You Deserve

People living in Southampton deserve to live in a better environment than they currently do.

Through cleaning and rejuvenation we would make our estates more attractive.

Also by providing more parking we would protect green spaces that have become mud baths under Labour.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Hollybrook Cemetery Southampton

Improving & Caring For Southampton’s Cemeteries

Dissatisfaction with the condition of our city’s cemeteries is far too high.

Under Labour many disabled visitors have found visiting the graves of their loved ones harder.

Promised service levels have not been met and families have been left extremely distressed.

Your vote will be a vote to give our cemeteries the respect they deserve.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May

Transport Fit For Our City

In order for Southampton to be a thriving city where businesses want to invest and people want to live we need a road network fit for use.
This means fixing the potholes, providing the modern road networks that will allow Southampton to grow and ensuring our most vulnerable can move safely around our streets and pavements.

A Lollipop Person For Every School

School crossing lollipop person

Labour have failed to ensure school safety by not providing adequate lollipop people for our schools, we will change this.

2 years ago Labour tried to cut all the city’s lollipop people and only a concerted Conservative campaign forced them in to a U-Turn.

Conservatives will also introduce no-idling zones around schools to improve air quality and protect our children’s health.

Wordsworth lollipop person campaign with Matt Turpin, Shirley Candidate
No Free Parking

Not Being Charged To Park Outside Your Home

Labour introduced new permit parking charges.

This means some of us are being taxed to park outside our own homes.

We will scrap Labour’s 1st permit charges.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Subsidised dropped kerbs

Taking More Cars Off Our Crowded Streets

Currently Labour charge you thousands of pounds if you want a new drop kerb to facilitate off road parking.

We will establish a one off fund to subsidise drop kerbs; creating additional capacity, providing more passing places on narrow streets and enabling many of you to park outside your own home.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
White T-Bar on Road

Reversing Labour’s White T-Bar Charges

Labour will now tax you if you need a white T-Bar painted across your drive. Conservatives won’t!

T-Bars enable Council enforcement of vehicles that block you in on your own drive.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Portswood Councillor Paul O'Neill with Southampton City Council's new electric fleet vehicles

An Electric Vehicle Revolution

We will introduce policies to encourage and reward electric car ownership in Southampton.

These will include free City Centre parking, free use of bus lanes and a network of charging points across the city.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
A cycle path problem in Southampton

Making Southampton Cycle Friendly

The cleanest form of transport is self powered.

To encourage cycling in the city, in addition to the proper maintenance of cycle lanes, we would make it planning policy to require showers for cyclists in new workspace buildings.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
20mph limit in Southampton

20mph Limits Where You Want Them

Concerned with the speed of cars on your local roads?

Where you want local 20mph limits Conservatives will provide them. Together we can create safer and healthier communities.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May

Vote For Fixing Pot Holes

Southampton pot hole

We will fix more of our roads & cycle routes before they cause injury to (motor)cyclists or damage to our vehicles.

By acquiring specialist velocity patcher machinery, Southampton Conservatives will dramatically speed up repairs on all of our roads and cycle routes.

This will enable us to tackle a vastly increased amount of pot holes, fixing Southampton’s crumbling roads and providing fills that won’t just re-form within months or even weeks.

Velocity Pot Hole Repair

Air Quality Action

The air quality in Southampton has dropped significantly in Southampton under Labour. We are now rated amongst the top 5 worst cities in the country for our air quality.
For the sake of the health of us all, we must rapidly improve our poor air quality areas.

Match Day Travel

Match Day Travel Southampton FC

Tens of thousands of fans visit our city on a regular basis to watch Southampton FC.

We will look to re-introduce free bus travel on match day for all ticket holders to help cut down on football related traffic congestion.

We will also work with the Government and Network Rail to look into the feasibility of a train station at St Mary’s.

Conservatives will investigate a rail station for Southampton FC
Air Quality Taskforce

An Air Quality Taskforce

Conservatives will establish a dedicated team, working solely on schemes to improve our poor local air quality.

The increased capacity this provides will allow us to better take advantage of the generous grants offered by the Conservative government.

It will also work with local businesses to help them quickly transition to being part of the solution.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
HGV Parked On Street Corner Overnight

Banning HGVs From Selected Residential Roads

To improve the air quality around your road, we will consult on banning HGVs from selected roads in the city.

Residents should be able to walk around their local areas without concerns on the impact to their health.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
No Idling Zone Sign Example

No-Idling Zones Around Schools

Whilst we would encourage children and parents to make the walk to school where possible, we understand it is not always feasible.

To prevent dangerous air quality around our schools, we would introduce no-idling zones, banning cars from sitting with engines running for long periods.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Green Screening

More Greening Around Our City

To improve the air quality, mental well-being and the appearance of our major routes, we will work with the Government and businesses to secure funding to introduce green corridors via tree planting and pollution absorbing green walls.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Green scene

Working With The Woodland Trust

With our dedicated task force we can also work in partnership with the charity sector to increase green schemes, such as tree planting, across the city.

The right species of trees are proven to have a positive impact on air quality.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Southampton Taxis

Supporting Taxis

Taxis provide a vital service to our city’s economy. We will work fully with our local taxi’s, not just hit them with taxes as Labour plan to do.

Conservatives will seek to exempt taxis from any clean air zone charges and instead fully work with them to support their move to cleaner vehicles!

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May

Tackling Homelessness

Building more homes is the best way to help combat homelessness, but our policies will ensure there are enough beds in Southampton for anyone who needs one in an emergency.
We would also operate a zero-tolerance policy towards street begging.
Whilst every effort must be made to support those who are genuinely homeless, it is unacceptable for anyone to be begging on our streets.
In too many cases, the money that people give to beggars only goes towards supporting an addiction which does not help the person out.

Eradicating Homelessness in Southampton

Tackling homelessness

We recognise the city now has a serious problem with homelessness and we will make this a top priority to eradicate entirely.

We have visited other major urban cities who are tackling homelessness with innovative schemes and we will put these in place in Southampton too.

Shipping container homes in Bristol
Homeless Government Funding

Supporting The Homeless

We are committed to doing everything we can to offer homeless people and rough sleepers the best support to change their situation for good.

To achieve this we will invest council resources and make good use of the extra £400,000 the government has given the city to help tackle this problem over the next 2 years.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
7 day a week service

Funding A 7 Day Homeless Day Centre Service

Homelessness is not just a week day problem so we will provide weekend access and support to those who need it by extending the opening days of Southampton’s Day Centre.

This is a service that is the first port of call for anyone who is homeless and needs to seek shelter and assistance.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Shipping Container Home Bristol

Unique Solutions

We would look to convert shipping containers into fully refurbished and insulated homes for those ready to move on from homeless shelters but not yet able to go into privately rented housing accommodation.

People would continue to have access to vital support services, to work with them to turn their lives around. This would also enable more emergency beds to become available within our current sheltered provision.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Homeless Bed

Emergency Nightshelter

We will have enough beds to ensure no homeless person will have to sleep out in the cold.

We would work with local charities and organisations to create a suitable Nightshelter which would operate throughout the Autumn and Winter months.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
You can help

Launch A Proper Diverted Giving Scheme

People are prepared to give to support those in genuine need.

By properly promoting a diverted giving scheme we can enable people to donate money, knowing it will be spent in helping the most needy.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May

Tackling Aggressive Begging

Homelessness is not just a week day problem so we will provide weekend access and support to those who need it by extending the opening days of Southampton’s Day Centre.

This is a service that is the first port of call for anyone who is homeless and needs to seek shelter and assistance.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May

Supporting Those In Need

Our current Labour run Council have continually attacked our most vulnerable residents and visitors.
Over the last few years we have seen dreadful Labour proposals including plans to remove disabled City Centre parking and the closure of a much needed respite centre.
Labour’s latest plans will negatively impact 650 families in the city. 150 of these have children with complex needs. Conservatives will further scrutinise these plans on the 12th April.
It is clear, Labour continue to make awful decisions locally, severely impacting on our most vulnerable, their families and their carers.
A vote for your Conservative candidate is a vote to stop these dreadful attacks on the most vulnerable in Southampton!

Supporting Our Carers

The Respite Refugees

A Conservative Council will ensure good quality respite care for ALL carers.

Providing good respite for carers means that money is saved by reducing the Council’s costs and saving you, the taxpayer, money.

Labour ignored carers during a 3 year battle to save Kentish Road Respite Centre, and constantly changed their reasoning for closing the centre in the first place. Kentish Road was a valuable service, for the parents and carers of adults with learning disabilities.

A vote for Southampton Conservatives on the 3rd of May is a great to chance for you to help right this wrong…

Conservatives will ensure there is 7 day a week respite care
Drug related litter

Helping Those With Addictions

We would work closely with the current drug services in Southampton in order to reduce drug related litter around the City and more importantly offer direct support and help to people with addictions.

This means those in desperate need receiving the vital help and support that could enable them to transform their life situation.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Improving mental health

Addressing Mental Health

We promise to provide more support for Mental Health and in particular in relation to alcohol and drug dependency.

The way to change life outcomes is to begin the road to recovery through the right support, self-help and treatments.

A vote for your local Conservative candidate is a vote to help vulnerable people get their lives back on track!

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Family Recovery Programme

A New Family Recovery Programme

This will provide new services to families in difficulties.

Other cities have shown that for every £1 invested in problem families, £2 has been saved for the taxpayer.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Kentish Road respite centre

Re-opening The Kentish Road Respite Centre 7 Days A Week

We would immediately re-open the Kentish Road Respite Centre for adults with learning disabilities.

This was shut by Labour in November after they ignored the 3 year campaign to keep it open.

We will work with partners to invest in and further develop the Kentish Road site so that it becomes a centre of excellence for our most vulnerable.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Supported housing for adults with learning disabilities

Supported Housing For Those With Learning Disabilities

We would work with a housing association to look at developing supported accommodation for adults with learning disabilities, enabling greater independence where it is wanted and possible.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Delayed discharges

Delayed Hospital Discharges

Delayed discharges need to be addressed. We would work in closer co-operation with Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth City Council, integrating some services to improve the discharge process.

The process of discharge is cumbersome and we would put procedures and resources into place to speed things up.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May

More Extra Care Housing.

As we live longer and with increasing challenges to every day living it is vital we have suitable accommodation that meets people’s needs.

We would facilitate more Extra Care housing and help people to move into this type of housing with the support it brings.

Conservatives will provide more Extra Care Housing

A Caring City

Whilst some good progress has been made in reducing the number of looked after children in Southampton there is a lot more to be done and the city continues to have many more children in care compared with statistical neighbours.
The correct balance needs to be set between providing the reactive work that needs to be done to support vulnerable children and the proactive work to support families with problems before it becomes an unsafe environment for children.
By finding this balance a Conservative Council will reduce the number of new cases coming into local authority care.

Foster Carers And Care Workers

A caring city

We will fully support all our foster carers and care workers and also fast-track the process for new foster carers wanting to help.

We will create a package of city benefits to recognise the work done by our Foster Carers and Care Workers ensuring the city becomes a great place to foster and support our most vulnerable.

Conservatives will fast track foster carers
Business mentoring programme

Improved Support For Looked After Children

We will set up a city-wide children in care mentoring partnership that invites people from across the city to mentor our children in care.

This will give our looked after children a much needed boost to help them succeed.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
The best start to life

The Best Possible Start

Research shows that from birth to 2 years old is the most important period in developing temperament and personality.

We wish to build on the funding the Government has given to parents for early years support.

This will help ensure our children have the best possible start in life.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
SureStart Southampton

Investing In SureStart

We will keep all our SureStart centres open and invest further in this valuable resource.

Labour have cut £6,000,000 from Southampton’s SureStart centres since 2012, despite promising to invest more in them.

Southampton Labour have proven you can’t trust them with SureStart.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Investing in modern tools

Valuing Front Line Staff

For too many years Southampton has had to rely on agency staff, struggling to retain permanent social workers.

We will invest in our staff and give them the tools to make their jobs easier, enabling us to retain our valuable front line staff.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Police officers

Reduce Youth Offending

Restorative Care Practice has been shown to deliver real benefits. We will work with police to create an effective youth restorative intervention initiative.

When young offenders meet with their victims and agree on ways to repair the harm they have done it has been proven to substantially reduce re-offending.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Business mentoring

More For Care Leavers

Care leavers deserve the best the city can offer. Too many suddenly “drop off the radar” and out of any support when reaching the age of 18.

We will incorporate a mentoring partnership for care leavers. This will be linked with career advice, apprenticeships, and housing. We will extend the city’s support to the age of 25 for our care leavers.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May

Better Education

From birth, then through our local schools and colleges, to entering the world of work; we will ensure the best possible start in life for all our children.

Better Local Schools

Better local schools

Local Conservatives will ensure better standards are attained in all our city’s schools.

We’ll be a critical friend, supporting our teaching staff & governors to achieve the very best for all our pupils.

Southampton has some truly exceptional schools and these high standards need to be the norm across the whole city.

Better local schools
Pound notes

Better And Honest Funding For Schools

We have a track record of delivering when it comes to funding Southampton schools. When last in office we secured £35 Million to build 2 new secondary schools.

Labour has created major problems for schools by promising money and then not providing it (for instance Portswood and Springhill primary schools).

We would better manage school funding ensuring schools receive the funds they have been promised.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Funding for schools

Creating More Secondary School Places Where Parents Want Them

Southampton urgently needs more secondary school places and we will ensure that popular schools are supported to expand, with good quality buildings and we will provide a brand new secondary school.

Labour have let down our schools during primary school expansion and we can’t risk the same for our secondary schools.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Great teacher award

Raising School Standards

We would take advantage of the superb work of our city’s teaching schools to spread best practice amongst all our schools.

We will fully support and recruit the best head teachers, ensuring high quality teaching is the norm in Southampton schools.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Better aprrenticeships

Better Apprenticeships

We will ensure all Council departments report on their performance in having apprenticeship places for local young people.

We will also make creating apprenticeships for local young people a condition of securing major contracts with the authority.

Our plans to transform our Council Estates and to build 1000’s of new homes will allow us to create 100’s of new apprenticeships.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May

Delivering Housing Where Labour Have Failed

Labour have done nothing to help the housing crisis in Southampton over the last five years. In fact, because of Labour’s political dogma they have made the situation worse.
Their insistence on the council having to own new homes, giving life-time tenancies to all, their stopping of Estate Regeneration and their profligate spending in the Housing Revenue Account, has meant a failure in housing across the city.
Many of our estates are well past their life expectancy. Most were constructed in the 50’s and 60’s and were expected to last 50 years.
They were not built for modern requirements and the estates were definitely not designed for our modern living.
We would remodel our estates, allowing more homes to be built in a better environment, with more supporting community facilities and local business opportunities. This will provide better local housing, more job opportunities and modern estates we can be proud of.
Without urgent and comprehensive Estate Regeneration, our estates will continue to decay, giving residents living there worse health, worse education, less opportunity, more crime, and essentially a worse life.
House building in Southampton

A vote for Southampton Conservatives is a vote for Comprehensive estate regeneration and:

  • Building more homes. In a wide range of sizes (1,2,3,4+ bedrooms).
  • Flexible homes. Where the interior design can be changed.
  • Retirement homes. Helping people to stay living locally when they choose to downsize, freeing up more family housing.
  • Grandparent Annexes. Allowing families to stay together and support each other, whilst maintaining their independence.
  • Extra care homes. Providing specialist housing to meet more complex needs yet maintaining as much independence as possible.
  • Homes for first time buyers. Providing the housing that enables the young to own their own home as soon as possible.
  • Land for self build. We will provide plots of land for those who wish to fully build their own home.
  • Joint Ownerships. Houses that allow co-ownership via part buy and part rent agreements.

A Conservative Council would replace every council property sold under Right to Buy on at least a 2 for 1 basis.

By selling 4000 homes under the Right to Buy scheme we could release over £200M. This would then fund our Estate Regeneration
Programme, providing a minimum of 8000 new homes.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Your right to buy logo

Promoting Right to Buy

To help people exert their Right to Buy, a Conservative Council will, if necessary, act as a guarantor for mortgages.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Keys to your home

Giving Council Tenants a Stake in Your Own Homes

We will introduce Ownership Credits for good tenants, designed to help with deposits when and if people wish to move.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Rights for renters

Rights For Renters

We will set up a Social Letting Agency which will be not for profit. This will mean lower fees and higher standards and be better for tenants and landlords.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May
Right to build

Right To Build

We will encourage people who wish to build their own houses. If they can find a plot of council land, there will be a presumption that building can happen (subject to planning). The cost of the land will be taken by the council when the house is sold.

Vote Conservative Thursday 3rd May