Project Description

1000 new parking spaces

1000 New Parking Spaces - offering you better value for money and helping restore pride in Our City

February 26, 2020

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More vital parking spaces and an end to the muddy messes across our estates!

1000 new parking spaces for our estates

You only need to look at the picture to see the issue we face across our City. Many of our estates were designed when people didn’t have cars. Local Conservatives feel you can provide more parking, and also improve the landscaping at the same time – a real win win for us all!

Muddy messes due to cars parking on verges

Muddy messes due to cars parking on verges

Our Plan to fix this problem:

We will fund at least 1000 new parking spaces across our estates, where you want them most. We will look to use modern, environmentally friendly solutions where possible – we can have both stability and grass!

We will make sustainable development the new norm for the Council!