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A Free Bulk Waste Collection

A Free Bulk Waste Collection - offering you better value for money and helping restore pride in Our City

February 28, 2020

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A free bulk waste collection will help prevent fly-tipping across our City and provide you with better value for money!

A Free Bulk Waste Collection

We will provide all Council Tax payers a single free bulk waste collection every year. This will help to reduce fly-tipping across our City (something we will also do more about, through increased enforcement) and provide you better value for money.

It is the Council’s interest to offer this service as it will also cut down on short journeys being made by residents to the household waste centre in Millbrook.

Fed up of paying more, but getting less under Labour – well a Conservative run Council can, and will, deliver you better value for money. We will give you more for your money; starting with an annual free bulk waste collection!