Project Description

Better Roads & Pavements

Better Roads & Pavements - offering you better value for money and helping restore pride in Our City

March 1, 2020

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Better roads and pavements means putting more money in to repairing and fixing our roads and pavements. Plus, utilising modern techniques and technology to get a better job done, at a much better price!

Better Roads & Pavements – making it easier and safer to get around our City.

You don’t need us to tell you how bad some of our local roads and pavements are!

Under Labour we are constantly paying more but getting less. It is important that any further investment into roads and pavements, leads to better quality fixes, that last more than a few months – leaving us with as many roads and pavements fixed properly as possible!

If we want people to walk, cycle or use public transport more; then we need to create the roads and pavements to allow this to happen.

Our Plan to fix this problem:

We will invest more money in to fixing and improving our roads and pavements. Local Conservatives will also embrace modern technology to ensure we get better value for money and really deliver for you with better roads and pavements!