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Delivering Ship-to-Shore power

Delivering Ship-to-Shore Power - offering you better value for money and helping restore pride in Our City

February 29, 2020

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Delivering Ship-to-Shore power to help improve Southampton’s local air quality so we have better air to breathe.

Delivering Ship-to-Shore power

If we are serious about our environment and improving local air quality then we have to do as much as possible. For our City Centre visitors and those living or working closest to the docks; by ensuring Ship-to-Shore power is introduced we can have an immediate impact on our local air quality!

Ship-to-Shore power is also known as “cold ironing”. When a ship is docked, it has to run on secondary engines to provide the power needed for all the systems on board such as pumps, lights, heat/refrigeration etc. By providing a shore side, plug in power point – we can reduce the need for ships to run on these secondary diesel engines.

Our Plan to fix this problem:

A Conservative run Council would ensure Ship-to-Shore was delivered as a priority. We would work with partners to get things moving. Currently we have a Council saying one thing, but then refusing to back words up with actions – always looking for someone else to provide the solution to our local problems.

We don’t have time to delay. Local Conservatives will provide the much needed action. This will help to reduce particulate pollution and other dangerous emissions – giving us better local air quality!