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Reduce Congestion Citywide

Reduce Congestion Citywide - offering you better value for money and helping restore pride in Our City

March 1, 2020

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Reduce Congestion Citywide, to ensure we can move around quicker and reducing air pollution from traffic congestion.

Reduce Congestion Citywide

How can it be right that it takes us longer to get from one side of the City to the other than it does to get to the likes of Bournemouth or Portsmouth?

Under Labour we have had no joined up thinking when it comes to major road improvement programmes. We have also seen next to no action to address the congestion hotspots we all know exist locally.

Our Plan to fix this problem:

We will immediately look to review traffic light phasing across the City. We believe by utilising modern technology there are solutions out there that can really help with peak time traffic flows.

We would also ensure that there is more co-ordination with major construction schemes across the City. The important difference will be a Conservative run Council would consult with you, the local residents most affected, prior to any works. This will ensure your local knowledge and views can be fed in to any mitigation plans for traffic.

By funding a light-rail/tram study we can look for a long term solution to reducing congestion. This study could also help us to bring about a financially viable park and ride scheme, again helping to reduce traffic congestion within the City itself.

For economical prosperity and health benefits from better local air quality; we need to Get Southampton Moving…