Most Radical Housing Plans Southampton Has Seen in 50 Years!

Radical Housing Plans for Southampton!

Local elections are due to be held in Southampton on Thursday 3rd May.

Labour have done nothing to help the housing crisis in Southampton over the last six years. In fact, because of their dogma they have made the situation worse. Their insistence on the council having to own new homes, their stopping of the Conservatives’ Estate Regeneration programme and their profligate spending, has meant that most young people in Southampton have little real choice in housing.

Many of Southampton’s Estates are well past their expected life. Most were constructed in the 1950’s and 1960’s and were expected to last 50 years. They were not built for modern requirements and the estates were not designed for modern living. Under the Conservatives, we would remodel our estates, allowing more homes to be built in a better environment, with more facilities; giving better outcomes to our residents who deserve to have the best chances in life.

Without urgent and comprehensive Estate Regeneration, the estates will continue to decay, giving residents worse health, worse education, more crime, and a worse life. Comprehensive Estate Regeneration will allow us to build:

  • More homes – in a wide range of sizes (1,2,3,4+ bedrooms);
  • Flexible homes – where the interior design can be changed;
  • Retirement homes;
  • Grandparent annexes;
  • Extra Care Homes;
  • Homes for first time buyers;
  • Homes to part buy / part rent;
  • Plots of land for own build.

We would work with Housing Associations to help fund this. We would also use Council Right to Buy Receipts from the sale of Council Houses. Southampton City Council may keep 100% of the receipts as long as it agrees to replace homes bought on a 1 to 1 basis.

We would provide at least 2 new homes for every 1 sold under Right to Buy.

We would also ensure far more shared ownership properties are built and focus on first time buyers.

We can help you own your own home...
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