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Steven Galton, Your Conservative Candidate for the Millbrook Ward.

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If you would like to raise an issue of concern, need help with a problem, or can help Steve’s campaign in any way, please get in touch with Steve now:
07956 596839 | 02380 481732
Twitter: @StevenGalton

Steven Galton, on top of local planning applications

Ensuring you knew about Lidl’s plans for the old Council Depot/Shirley Police Station site and creating the petition which saved Shirley’s iconic Yew tree, meaning it won’t be chopped down by Lidl, no matter what!

It isn’t just the new Lidl store though – other major local planning applications that Steve has written to you about, so you can have the chance to have your say for or against include:

  • The CostCo petrol station
  • The diesel generators docks plan
  • The changes to road access (Park Street) and lane markings (Newman Street)
  • The plans for a supermarket at Atlantic Works (Oakley Road)
  • The King Georges Public House redevelopment
  • HMO applications including Percy Road and Oakley Road applications
  • Soil washing plant in the docks
  • Community centre application in Henty Road
  • Housing development in old NHS car park in Shirley Park Road

and many more local developments…

Steve keeps you informed of what is happening locally

Alerted you to Labour’s sneaky new parking charges & the need to get a ticket for every visit to the Marlborough Road (North) car park in Shirley, now you won’t get an unwanted fine!

When something is being considered or implemented by the Council, it is surely only fair (and good sense) that the people who use the streets on a daily basis are the ones you consultant with…

Steve providing a better local environment

Tackling fly-tipping, campaigning against Labour cutting our weekly bin collections & calling for more plastic to be recycled to improve our local environment and streets.

Labour cut our weekly bin collections after explicitly promising to protect them prior to the last local elections. Conservatives will restore weekly bin collections where residents want them, as well as looking to increase what can be recycled in our blue bins.

Steve has been active in organising community litter picks including the recent Irving Road & Redbridge Hill litter pick – if your local area would benefit get in touch and Steve will happily help organise a litter pick for you!

Steve, action not talk on air quality

Raising awareness of our poor local air quality. Steve & the Conservatives would introduce an “Air Quality Taskforce” to really focus on improving our local air and finally making it safer for us all to breathe.

With Steve you have a proven record of informing, campaigning and delivering on air quality locally. Steve’s achievements here include:

  • Being a main part of the No Southampton Biomass campaign with our local community
  • Lobbying Government ministers and MEP’s to shift UK policy in a greener direction and to attempt to change EU legislation
  • Being a strong voice in the cross party air quality inquiry – Steve feels it is such a shame that in the 2 years since the inquiry reported, Labour have barely started on the sensible recommendations!
  • Worked with Conservative colleagues to bring the motion about Greening the Western Approach – and then welcoming the Government funding that is allowing this to go ahead
  • Set up connections with the Woodland Trust (Labour didn’t follow up with these) as a local Councillor – if Conservatives run the Council again we will work with anybody who can help improve poor local air quality
  • Objected to large scale planning applications that would further hinder our poor local air – despite writing to all 3 Labour Councillors with his concerns, not one of them objected to the plans for a diesel generator compound – thankfully local Conservative Councillors did and it didn’t go ahead…

A Conservative Council will make addressing poor air quality a local priority as well as a national one. This will be a marked difference to the Labour approach of doing nothing whilst they wait for the next Government initiative.

Steve is a hardworking community champion

Very supportive in the community, 7 days a week, helping schools & local businesses. By also helping to launch a new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Steve is helping to make our homes safer.

During his time as a local Councillor – Steve was usually the only official presence at meetings or invites. This included from local Schools, Council organised events, community groups and police held events.

Despite no longer being a Councillor, Steve has continued to champion good causes and businesses locally. By electing Steve once more, you are guaranteeing a hardworking community champion is there for us all.

Further proof of Steve’s desire and ability to get things done has been his work in initiating a new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for the Regents Park Area – once the groundwork was done, Steve has supported Fiona, a keen local resident, to enable her to take on the running of the scheme.