Would You Be Happy to Pay to Drive in Southampton?

Let Us Know Your Thoughts On Labour’s Plans

The Labour Council are planning to introduce a charge for some vehicles to drive in Southampton as part of a clean air zone.
The Labour Leader of the Council confirmed the monitoring cameras could be “re-purposed” once they were installed.
Local Conservatives feel we could get the clean air, we all know we need, quicker by taking different steps and our worry is:

Once cameras are installed across the City who do we think Labour will charge next?

Our plan for a better Southampton
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  1. Barry 2nd September 2018 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    We already have to pay road tax for us to be able to use the roads that are in a disgusting state just another way of extracting more money out of the motorists and it will kill of shopping in Southampton paying more and getting nothing back.typical council.

  2. colin 3rd September 2018 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    No need to charge vehicles coming into Southampton, we need some one with good road planning which labour council has got no transport management skills they cause so many problems with new road planning, traffic lights, lane markings worn out and don’t line up, with vehicles being cut up .the new junction at Costco regents park road is a total waist of money no planning you drive down regents park road only one car space for turning right into mill road blocking traffic in regents park road behind. the bollards are in the wrong place, the corner on the entrance to Costco should have been cut back. Newman street in Shirley another shambles the road junction lay out the left hand lane should have been straight on and turn left no it had to be changed to turn left only and the right hand lane straight on and turn right cause traffic being cut up horns blowing why has it been changed to cause problems after so many years. another one park street Shirley you have two bus stops opposite each other ,since the new road lay out change with vehicles going straight up cause grid lock at the top of Shirley high street ,with the road opposite .and vehicles stopping at the red lights when they have right of way stopping traffic out of park street. There is many problems with road management systems all over the city with bad road lay out and traffic lights We need a urgent change into keep the city traffic flowing and stop pollution which labour has not got.

  3. Alan 4th September 2018 at 7:04 am - Reply

    This is s ridiculous idea we are already paying to use are roads switch traffic lights off at off peak times. Try to introduce Park and ride it makes sense surely? Are we going to ban the cruise liners from having there engines running all day of course not.this could be the end of this shower if this proposals go through.

  4. Timothy 15th September 2018 at 11:34 am - Reply

    Anything that will relieves congestion and increases the quality of air in Southampton is a benefit to residents and other city users. I am particularly concerned about the traffic around schools and shopping areas where children, at exhaust level, breath in significant amounts of pollutants. A failure to act to releive this by reducing traffic must be a callous act of pure negligance. This city once had a tram system and ought to seriously consider re-introducing it.

    My only concern with a monitoring / paying strategy is that it penalises the poorer memebrs of the community, when the richer car drivers will be untouched by what for them are possibly paltry charges. The only problem with such an argument is that exhausts are toxic irrsepective from whose cars they are emitted.

    Cruise ships should be made to cut engine use. There are moral and possibly litigious issues in all of this and a failure to act is very much against the growing national concern to preserve our environment and world. There have been occasions when this cyclist has experienced toxic air riddled with tar smelling diesil that is most probably from the ships.

    A Park and Ride is a sound idea as would as would be increased cycle ways separated from any remaining traffic. If major cities such as Berlin and Paris can work to improve the lives of their citizens, than so can Southampton.

  5. simon 15th September 2018 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    I travel the roads every day being a lorry driver myself, and I cannot understand why grown adults in council are unable to come up with a solution to the problem without taking the easy option, LETS PUT A TAX ON IT. Southampton has grown over the last 20 years with more cruise ships, expanded container terminal, new shopping centres, student apartments and so on. its all brought millions of pounds every year to the local economy, but this also means the vehicle movements doubled or tripled over the same period to cope with the extra demand by the business increase. TAX it they say great way to drive business away and put consumer prices up.
    I agree with one of the previous comments turn off some of the traffic lights in off peak times. modern technology is wonderful install sensors so when traffic starts to build up traffic lights would come back on to control congestion in affected areas, KEEP THE TRAFFIC FLOWING LESS CORBON MONOXIDE EASY AS THAT.
    start spending the money on improving road networks in and around Southampton to cope with the extra demand that has been created over many years. I would love to know who and how they have come up with the idea of lets tax it and why.
    I hope highways agency aren’t making the decisions as there track record isn’t very good with the smart motorways schemes that cause’s huge traffic jams around the country. prime example M25 between M3 and M40 lets put the motorway signs to 40 MPH and cause congestion. when they leave the signs off so traffic can flow at national speed limits OH LOOK NO CONGESTION and less carbon monoxide easy isn’t it.
    Southampton needs some new roads, new signage and road markings made clearer. I have heard of a lot of comments made about stopping large goods vehicles coming into Southampton ! use smaller vehicles they say, okay if a large goods vehicle carry’s 28 ton we would only need 28 small vans per lorry that could carry 1 ton loads, to delivery the goods instead, multiply that by the amount of lorry’s that come into Southampton equals total grid lock, use the rail network to bring goods into Southampton, okay how do we get the goods from the train to the shops ? I think we all now the answer to that one.
    suggestion, to who is in charge put your colouring books and crayons away and start using your brains, if you can’t move aside and let somebody that can sort the problem out, or ask the sensible people for help that now the industry of moving goods around the country. I know you cant please everybody that lives in Southampton but sense needs to prevail, lowering emissions is what you want to achieve. taxing vehicle’s does not lower emissions.

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